We have a Fedora Operations Architect!

Hi everyone! I am very excited to welcome Aoife Moloney (@amoloney) to a new role in the project — she will be our first “Fedora Operations Architect”. In this full-time position funded by Red Hat, Aoife will help wrangle Changes, work on improving processes across the project, help us get Fedora Linux releases out the door, and more.

Of course, many of us already know Aoife from everything she’s done in the community already, from helping us interface with CPE, to filling in as Change Wrangler, to running pub trivia at events. Read her self-introduction on Fedora Magazine and join me in welcoming Aoife to this new position. I’m super-excited for all of the energy, capability, and experience she will bring to the project!


All the best to you Aoife Moloney in this new role. As your tenure progresses I look forward to following the unique impact your involvement produces.

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Congratulations, @amoloney! You’ll be great


Great choice … Congratulations and welcome to your new role, Aoife ! I wish you much success.

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I’d say welcome to the team but you’ve been here for longer than me :sweat_smile:

Welcome anyways, @amoloney ! Hope you make your great work even greater!

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Congrats Aoife, best wishes in the new role and looking forward to the positive impact this will have within the community.

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Welcome @amoloney! Excited to have you here!

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Congratulations @amoloney, you’ll be great! :tada:

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