Wayland - Unable to use Intel iGPU concurrently with NVIDIA eGPU

Hi all,

As the title says, when I use Wayland with my eGPU, I’m unable to use the iGPU internal screen at the same time.

I usually use X11, and I have my laptop on a stand to the side of my primary monitor, but I recently attempted to switch to Wayland.

When I login, the primary screen is the laptop screen, which just displays black. My lock screen background is displayed on the egpu monitor, and I am able to enter my password (albeit without being able to see that I’m entering it) and login, at which point the egpu is recognized as the primary screen (as I’ve configured in GNOME settings). However, the laptop screen remains blank, even though it’s recognized in GNOME settings as a monitor.

Any suggestions for getting the internal screen working concurrently? Thanks!

Alternatively, if it’s just a limitation of wayland, I’d appreciate suggestions on reducing screen tearing in X11 (as that’s the reason I swapped to wayland).