Wayland doesn't support the on-screen pickup for stardict

The wayland doesn’t support the on-screen pickup of the word for stardict or goldendict so as to have a translation for the word in my web browser or terminal. The X11 supports.

When you ask questions, please at least provide what version of Fedora you are on. If it’s about a specific tool, please provide the version of the tool you are referring to.

You’ve got this backwards. Stardict/Goldendict don’t implement the necessary bits in Wayland to allow this feature. Please read:

and then probably file bugs against startdict/goldendict.

I’m using Fedora 32 workstation. The version of stardict is 3.0.6 while the version of goldendict is 1.5. It seems that both stardict and goldendict have not been developed for a few years. It’s really a pity. I didn’t know whether the reason of the lack of on-screen pickup is on wayland or on stardict/goldendict. Now the problem seems to be on stardict/goldendict according to your words.

I cannot open the website you mentioned.

Yes, that would indicate that these are both inactive projects. Maybe worth looking for alternatives? I don’t use either so I don’t have any suggestions here unfortunately.

Works fine here, sorry no idea why it doesn’t work for you.

I have searched but found no alternatives.

The website may be banned in my country.

Thank you very much for your reply!