Waterfox (not Firefox)

Is Waterfox (not Firefox) in the F37 repository. I tried dnf install waterfox but got a “no match for argument” error.

I don’t see anything official for Waterfox in the main distributions’ repositories - from the link below it looks like others have gone down that path before, but it looks like a manual installation is the ‘standard’ that the Waterfox folks promote.

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For future reference, you can bookmark the following three links if you want to find out about packages in Fedora:

Searching the copr site, I found bgstack15/stackrpms Copr

and Releases · WaterfoxCo/Waterfox · GitHub

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I prefer to use LibreWolf, an even more secure/private branch of FireFox.
And it has it own repository: https://rpm.librewolf.net

Should suggest Fedora Packages rather than searching koji/bodhi/sources separately.

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Can you please explain the differences in all these sites? Packages vs. Bodhi vs. Src?

A description of the various services can be found on this map


  • src — package sources­. rpm spec files and other files used to make Fedora packages.
  • Koji — Build system. Sources go in, rpm packages come out.
  • Bodhi — Updates system. rpm packages go in, get tested, then pushed to repos (where finally users can install them from their package manager).
  • Packages — A nice front-end for searching. It links to all the above plus Bugzilla.