Was memtest removed from live images?

There is no memtest option in F35 Cinnamon live image, was it removed from all spins ?

I’m certain memtest was present in F32 Cinnamon live.

I don’t think it supports UEFI.

My system should be bios based, and memtest was available in F32 live and worked. Same system using same boot method with F35 - no memtest.

If nobody confirms I can download a few more live images to test (ie workstation, not cinnamon)

Hi, when you’re in boot list, press e on the keyboard, use arrow and pointing it to after rhgb quiet, add space and add selinux=0 then press ctrl + x. If you’re successfully boot to your system, run sudo dnf distro-sync to find and install any broken packages.


I’m sorry, wrong place to post.

During the Fedora Linux 35 release cycle I read in the devel mailing list the intention to remove memtest from the installation ISO. This due to the fact that as said by @dalto, it doesn’t work on UEFI systems and other issues. Honestly I don’t know how it ended up.

Looking here

it seems that it has been removed.