"warning: queue 0x<string> destroyed while proxies still attached \ wl_display@1 still attached" errors after quitting a media player

warning: queue 0x<string> destroyed while proxies still attached:
wl_display@1 still attached

The errors started to appear after installing Fedora 38. I’ve updated my system within the last hour, rebooted.

Affects mpv, at least not VLC.

a potentially related issue: Wayland "warning: queue 0x7fad38000be0 destroyed while proxies still attached" (#2514) · Issues · GStreamer / gstreamer · GitLab

mpv 0.35.1 Copyright © 2000-2023 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
built on UNKNOWN
FFmpeg library versions:
libavutil 58.2.100
libavcodec 60.3.100
libavformat 60.3.100
libswscale 7.1.100
libavfilter 9.3.100
libswresample 4.10.100
FFmpeg version: 6.0

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Appears not to be an issue anymore (i.e. not printed anymore), likely was directly or indirectly fixed in an update. I was concerned if some tangling processes were left running when quitting mpv playback.