Wanted: Contributing to Documentations

As a non-developer, I can see ways to contribute to Fedora is: (in no specific order)

  • testing and report issues
  • verify reported issues
  • update documentations
  • help answer questions

I want Magazine can talk about how we can contribute to Fedora Documentation.

I searched for “contribute to documentation” over there and cannot find similar articles.

I find there is one article from Community Blog:

I think a step-by-step guide on how to setup public key, how to clone, edit and submit pull request, etc on Magazine will help recruit more contributors.


I think you can add translating documentation in various languages (also a question of diversity and inclusion) and this step by step guide would preferably be translated. I have started to translate in french docs for SIG-Join. I hope to contribute to this project that way, to help welcoming newbies from a specific language.
Warm regards,


Very good idea! There has been changes and deprecation, guides, wikis, and Google will send you to random places in all of this