Want a desktop like MakulFlash

I have Fedora 34 with cinnamon desktop but Want a desktop-like MakuluFlash. This has over the wallpaper and an image of the Clock calendar and the actual running apps on the processor.

I multi-boot with MakuluFlash so any way of pulling this desktop from the Makulu partition

Anything like that on Fedora 34?

I have never used MakuluFlash. I looked at a video of it and all that information on the desktop is probably conky.

I suspect you could install conky on Fedora and then pull the conky config from Makulu.

Alternatively, if you want an identical DE experience, you could switch to xfce and pull over all the config.

Could I do the MakuluFlash 3d and wobbly windows that way? That would be great.

To match everything to that degree you would need to switch to xfce and also install whatever compositor they are using in Maluka.