Wacom tablet pen tap + drag doesn't work in most apps (unresposive/missing cursor; app crashes; system crashes)


I’m trying to use my Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium) PTH-651 pen & touch tablet on Fedora 38 on a Framework 13 laptop. I suffer from repetitive strain injury and using the tablet helps me do my work with less pain.

Unfortunately I cannot tap and drag with the pen in most apps. As soon as I begin to drag the pen, the on-screen cursor becomes unresponsive and no longer moves when I move the pen.

This means, for most apps, I can’t:

  • Move the window by dragging on the top bar
  • Resize the window by dragging on one of the corners or edges
  • Drag sliders or other UI elements in the app
  • Drag a file from one application into another.

Sometimes I can get the tablet to be responsive again by moving my mouse and clicking or by dragging with my finger on the surface of the tablet and then tapping.

Other times, the whole app becomes unresponsive to all clicks, pen taps, and touches. I have to close it from the GNOME shell and reopen it.

Occasionally the app closes itself altogether when I try to tap and drag with the pen.

Very occasionally the whole system crashes and I get returned to the login screen, with all my work lost.

These are the apps which the pen tap and drag isn’t working in at all:

  • Thunderbird 115.1.1
  • Darktable
  • Google Chrome 115.0.5790.170
  • Signal 6.28.0 (Electron app)
  • Beeper (Electron app)
  • Anytype (Electron app)
  • Norde Source icon manager (Electron app)
  • Zoom
  • Bitwarden

Pen tap and drag partially works in these apps:

  • Files (can move and resize window; can’t pen tap and drag to move files)

Pen tap and drag works correctly in:

  • Firefox
  • Web
  • Settings
  • Inkscape
  • Software

Lastly, when I launch any app in full-screen mode with Fn + F11, the mouse cursor is completely invisible when using the pen. This applies to every app.

Information about the device:

[chriswood@framework ~]$ libwacom-list-local-devices
- name: 'Wacom Intuos Pro M'
  bus: 'usb'
  vid: '0x056a'
  pid: '0x0315'
  - /dev/input/event20: 'Wacom Intuos Pro M (WL) Finger'
  - /dev/input/event19: 'Wacom Intuos Pro M (WL) Pad'
  - /dev/input/event18: 'Wacom Intuos Pro M (WL) Pen'

Unfortunately these bugs make it harder to use my computer. Because the problem affects most of the apps I use, I don’t know who to tell about this.

Is this the right place to report these bugs, or should I post this somewhere else?

Thank you for your help

I reported these bugs in the Mutter Gitlab and Files Gitlab, so hopefully that’s the right place for them:

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