VSCode running on toolbox via .desktop launcher but icons are duplicated on dock

Hi guys! I finally get VSCode running flawless on my Silverblue, using a .desktop file as a launcher. The only issue that I had is the launcher icon doesn’t match with the launched instance of VSCode, duplicating items on GNOME dock (currently using dash to panel, but it’s happening on GNOME default dash too):

Duplicated items on dock
With “~/.local/share/application/code.desktop”, with VSCode icon on “~/.vscodeicon.png” and toolbox name as “dev”:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Visual Studio Code
Comment=Code Editing. Redefined.
GenericName=Text Editor
Exec=toolbox run -c dev code

AFAIK, StartupWMClass determines how docks deal with matching icons and launchers on docks. But the problem is, StartWMClass is setted to “Code”, which is correct according to lg (“lg” on Alt+F2 then clicking on Windows tab).

WMClass match but the icon still duplicated :worried:… Someone has clues on how to workaround that?

Do you have VSCode installed via layering or via flatpak by any chance?? Might be some problem with these two solutions colliding.