Vscode laggy on Kinoite in toolbox

Installing vscode and running it in kinoite hangs and lags the system. However adding toolbox to the etc/hosts file

(applying the fix mentioned here
Some X11 applications(?) (e.g.VSCode/Codium) freeze the whole system (does recover) with KDE Host · Issue #1059 · containers/toolbox · GitHub)

Gets rid of the lag. I’ve had this issue since I last used kinoite 3 months back , why is the issue still there?

The very first step on the road to get an issue fixed, if you’re not doing it yourself, is to file an issue in the proper issue tracker.

In this case, this sounds like an issue in kwin, which would have to be reported upstream KDE: https://bugs.kde.org/

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Oops , i assumed someoen filed a bug , my bad then , bug report time!