VP9 Hardware accerlation

In Centos 8 Firefox is using VP9 hardware acceleration, but on my fedora system it doesn’t although I have updated everything and both glxinfo and vainfo indicate that hardware acceleration is available. my laptop is i5 7200u with HD 620 graphic. the difference between with Firefox on Centos and fedora is 5% CPU usage vs 30% on 480P YouTube video

Are you using wayland in both places?

yes but on Centos firefox was with hardware acceleration also running same on x11

I thought Firefox didn’t support hardware acceleration on X11?

that is what making me crazy. I have tried almost twenty distro and none of them work like Centos even fedora. I am not experienced user to be honest but I have tried Firefox on wayland in other distro and the CPU was 20% so there is improvement but still not like Centos