Vnc server no longer works after f39 -> f40

Yep, this is certainly true, but my setup worked just fine in f39.

Thanks a bunch for the reply. I’ve also been doing all of that except the Paste a 4 line config into /etc/tigervnc/vncserver-config-mandatory step, since I’m using KDE.

And with f39, the KDE session works perfectly fine via vnc.

My /etc/tigervnc/vncserver-config-mandatory and my ~/.vnc/config are empty. My ~/.vnc/xstartup is the one that Fedora created:


# Assume either Gnome will be started by default when installed
# We want to kill the session automatically in this case when user logs out. In case you modify
# /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients or ~/.Xclients yourself to achieve a different result, then you should
# be responsible to modify below code to avoid that your session will be automatically killed
if [ -e /usr/bin/gnome-session ]; then
    vncserver -kill $DISPLAY

The issue is that everything worked fine with f39. But after the upgrade to f40, it doesn’t work anymore. Why? It makes no sense. How can the upgrade break a perfectly fine setup?

There was no info regarding a breaking change for VNC.

My setup is correct. But vnc doesn’t work. Why? The error message is useless. I hoped that a dev could shed some light on this, since this entire situation makes no sense.

I’m also willing to give people access to the f39 and f40 VMs via ssh. Although I would have to isolate and strip down the VMs.

But my point is, I can’t believe I am the only person in the world who had a perfectly fine vnc setup for KDE in f39 that stopped working after the upgrade to f40.