VNC does not operate over wifi connection

I’ve had the brilliant notion to eliminate my lan cables with wifi.

After some adjusting the router, I now have full lan access for the wifi machine running fed 30 ( 32 bit ).

That’s internet, ftp, ssh, and rsync.

However VNC ( Remmina Remote Desktop Client ) gives the error “unable to connect to VNC server”

Is there a solution to this problem?


  I’m sorry for flood:  Is this really a whole error (try to connect again and see the last logs entries)?

Firewall could be an issue, see: TigerVNC :: Fedora Docs

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Have you checked your firewall or security settings on the remote server you’re trying to connect to? Now that you’re on Wi-Fi, you computer is using a different mac address. I also don’t know if you’ve done something to your home network and split it into more than one subnet.