VM-guest lost DHCP-ip after Host resumed from Suspend

Normally, my HomeServer running SilverBlue33 will not sleep or suspend automatically. But sometimes, the FAN is too noisy so I will manually put it to Suspend via Gnome-Shell’s Power Off/Logout->Suspend

One of my Guest machine, which is getting DHCP ip from my ISP, lost its both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs, likely due to lease expired.

How to handle this issue? So that guests will renew IPs once Host machine is resume from sleep/suspend.

If the lease time really is the cause, you can expand the lease time, which depends on what dhcp server you are using.

On the client an ifdown/ifup should renew the lease.
You also can use the “dhclient” command.

I cannot control the lease time, as the DHCP is offered by ISP router.

That machines is supported to be run headless - so what I can think of now is to assign a second Network Interface as Management Interface.

If there is other way of doing it, then I want remove the Management Interface - as it will restrict the Guest VM to communicate with Public IP only.