VLC having trouble with audio codecs

After upgrading my OS to Fedora 35, VLC started taking a long time to start playing some vídeos. After further investigation, I concluded that the problem happens depending on the audio codec used in that video file.
AAC files will play just fine, but others like AC-3 will take around 10-15 seconds to start playing. According to the logs, it will only start playing after one of the processes times out.

I collected some logs following these instructions and here are the outputs:

AAC - vlc --verbose=2
AAC - journalctl -f

AC-3 - vlc --verbose=2
AC-3 - journalctl -f

The player Videos, will play both codecs without any problem.

Might be this bug in wireplumber:

Someone there says downgrading wireplumber to 0.4.5 fixes it.

Hi, I test using sample file rio_bravo_mono_64_spx.ac3 from Index of /A-codecs/AC3/eac3 and play it with VLC all work fine. May be you want to upgrade your system first to see if there any new packages relate to audio (exp. alsa, wireplumber, pipewire, etc.).

Thanks for mentioning this issue. That’s exactly the problem I’m facing. I added the information from the original post to that open bug.

Syaifur, I had the same problem trying to play your sample file.

Would you like to move the report from paste.centos.org to other service like pastebin.com since I believe paste.centos.org have limited time to publish (max 1 Day(?)). Or you could create gist from Github.

Thank you. I produced new logs and updated my command on their issue.

Apparently, it has been fixed on release 0.4.8 of wireplumber. Now we gotta wait until it makes its way to Fedora.

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After updating the packages below and rebooting my machine, the problem was solved:

[tijuco@think-fedora ~]$ rpm -qa | grep wireplum
[tijuco@think-fedora ~]$ rpm -qa | grep pipew
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