VLC crashes when trying to set up volume

Hello! I have a default installation of Fedora 40 workstation. I use Wayland and an integrated intel graphic card. I have activated rpmfusion free and non-free; and also flatpak. I installed VLC from the repositories (not flatpak). When I start VLC, it has no volume. When I try to move volume, it crashes. If I start VLC from console, the message is something like “segment violation”. It happens in wayland session and in X11 as well. Thanks for your help!

Can you remove that VLC and try the Flatpak ?

For that, and for deletting everything, do I have to remove with any parameters?

To remove the .rpm of vlc you can use the Software Center and then choose the Flathub selection to install it from Flathub :

Great! That was the solution. Delete the VLC from rpm, and install VLC from flatpak. Thanks a lot!

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