Virtual Reality Desktop for Fedora ... err ViRdora?

Last week, while gazing longingly at the spaceship library backdrop of the white noise youtube video I was watching[1], I thought(like any computer/sci fi nerd would): ‘I wish that was my office.’

Then a new thought: ‘I wonder if anyone has created a virtual reality world where I can work and create my own office space. I could then work from a space station, a pirate captain’s cabin, or a nice alpine chalet.’

Narrator: Little did Dirk know, this would lead down an expensive road and create a new obsession.

After some googling, I found several options for such an experience:

I bought an Oculus quest 2(I know… I know… Facebook) and excitedly started trying these options. Unfortunately, they were lackluster, a bit clunky, and trying to use your keyboard with them is not fun, but you can quickly tell that this is very likely the ‘next step’ in how we interact with our computers for play and productivity.

ImmersedVR and Virtual desktop both use ‘virtual screens,’ which I believe is a little too anchored in the ideas of the ‘physical’ office, but it is an understandable solution without completely creating a brand new OS. Their office backdrops are awesome though.

I found this video of VR-OS[2](it’s AMAZING), and this is much more what I think the future of a virtual reality operating system is, although I would like the desktop background to be a space pirate captain’s cabin(Savvy?). Essentially, the ‘desktop’ backgrounds would be akin to a live wallpaper.

I will finally get to the point here, I want to start building a VR desktop environment for Linux.

Potentially, this could be the time to shine for Fedora; however, I have no idea where to even begin to undertake such a large project and am looking for:

A) Guidance on where/how to start
B) People who may already be doing this sort of thing
C) General discussion

I believe this may be a start: Valve-backed Xrdesktop Brings Linux Desktop Environments Into VR

[1] Spaceship Room Ambience | Space Sounds and Celestial White Noise for Sleeping Better, Studying, Asmr - YouTube
[2] VR-OS: Full Demo - YouTube


Great idea for Fedora! - happy to do testing - I have an Oculus Go headset.