Virtual machines - "virtual machine not responding"

hi there
currently using fedora 5.13.12-200.fc34.x86_64. am experiencing the same issue with 3 VM app.

  2. Boxes
  3. Oracle Virtual Box

I can start all 3 app and start the the process of creating new VM… however as soon the installation completes and reboot the VM i will get message like “virtual machine not responding”. the VM is configured with 3 CPU; 8GB RAM; 30GB disk.

any help is appreciated. thanks.

Is Fedora both the host and the guest? If it isn’t, what is the other OS involved?

Can we get the exact message you are receiving?

How much resources do you have available on the host?

Do you have virtualization enabled in the BIOS? It may be called VT-x or AMD-V.

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Host OS: Fedora 34
VM OS: i tried fedora35 rawhide, nixos

Host H/w: CPU 3700x; RAM: 32G; SSD: 512GB
Virtualisation: yes SVM enabled

the screen shot below is after rebooting of a successful installation. it will show the new OS… i can’t do much and moments later the error message will come up.

I think that is a gdm problem.

What you have the display adaptor set to?, make sure it virtio and check 3d acceleration.

hi dalto
thanks for reverting… and apologies for the delayed reply. was kinda busy for a few days.
after the recent update… it seems to be working again. I didn’t do anything at all to the settings.
thanks again. hopefully it stays this way.

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