Virt-manager: "Unable to connect to libvirt"

When I bring up libvirt-manager from the usual menu and try to connect to QEMU/KVM, I get the following not so informative error messages:

Unable to connect to libvirt qemu:/// system

authentication failed: access denied by policy

This just started happening. Heretofore, I was prompted to enter the root password. So the question is: What policy and how do I change it?

If I launch virt-manager from the terminal using sudo (which I’ve never had to do before), things work normally (except, of course, I’m not prompted to enter a password when connecting).

Make sure you are part of the libvirt group.

If that isn’t it, check to see if you are being denied by selinux.


All I had to do was to add myself to the libvirt group. Thank you very much for your assistance.

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