Viewport is Transparent in Blender

This Problem is Discoverable only in Wayland.

Hey there,

  1. What version of Blender ? 4.0.X ? (.rpm, Flatpak(flathub), AppImage, Snap)
  2. What version of Fedora are you using? Workstation/Silverblue?
  3. System information ( GPU/ Laptop/PC ) If Nvidia, How did you install the drivers, manual ( if-not-true-then-false), RPMFusion, or Negativo repo ( with all Cuda support ) ?

If you do not know the info above : Try this, and paste the contents of the system-info.txt here using the </> button. Go to Help > Save System Info

I am experiencing the same issue:

  1. 4.0.2, installed using Discover.
  2. Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop 39
  3. Laptop (Dell Inspiron 16 Plus) with Intel Core i7-11800H + NVIDIA RTX3060M. Nvidia drivers were installed like this.

I’m starting to think this is a KDE issue with Wayland. Since I am on Gnome and do not have this issue.