Video problems with F36 after upgrade


I happily upgraded to F36. Mostly runs smooth. However, video has several issues.
a) the screen blanks out after a minute or so. Even though it is configured in the gnome power settings to never blank out.
b) when I try to use the shell (outside of wayland/gnome) with CTRL+ALt+F3, then I only get graphic distortion and cannot see the shell. However, I am able to blindly log into the shell and operate commands.

lsmod | grep -iE 'nouveau|nvidia' reveals

nvidia_drm             69632  13
nvidia_modeset       1167360  17 nvidia_drm
nvidia_uvm           1204224  0
nvidia              39153664  769 nvidia_uvm,nvidia_modeset

To find out if this is a wayland vs xorg issue please try logging in with xorg instead of wayland and see if the same symptoms occur. If they do then it is systemic and beyond the DE. If they do not occur with xorg but do with wayland then it is a wayland specific issue.

Regardless, the source must be narrowed down to be able to address the issue properly.

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same symptoms under xorg and wayland.
Deinstalling nvidia driver solves the problem.

Ok, should this be anywhere reported?