Video Player with Inertial / Momentum Scrolling

I’m looking for a video player for Fedora (or Linux, in general) that would allow me to scroll forwards and backwards through the video with inertial scrolling (similar to a physical wheel where the initial energy – in this case the speed at which the UI is “swiped” – determines how fast scanning through a video is and will eventually slow decelerate depending on the programmed “mass” of the wheel and “friction”). So the speed of playback/rewind is proportional to the “angular momentum” of the wheel and is stopped when the wheel is stopped.

I’m hoping to use the application to analyze the movements we make in our dancing. A smooth scrollbar with live viewing while scrolling might work, but I would find the static granularity at which scrolling occurs a little cumbersome. VLC seems to have that in Windows but not in Linux.

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