Video games display a black screen - Laptop with 2 external monitors

Good afternoon. To preface this thread; I have 2 external monitors attached to my laptop, I’ve never used 2 monitors on this laptop before, only 1.

I’m having a strange issue with playing any game - one of my monitors displaying said game has a black screen; the monitor itself continues to work, I can tab out and switch to other applications but the game itself remains black, running in the back ground. I just recently installed Fedora 34 and installed the Nvidia drivers from RPMfusion. This is how I’m recreating the issue:

I unplug 1 monitor, and only have my Laptop, and 1 monitor hooked up directly via HDMI. With this setup I have no issues with black screens and my games run perfectly fine (Steam, Steam Proton, Lutris, ect). The moment I plug in my 2nd external monitor (plugged into a USB-C hub via HDMI) my game screen turns black and it doesn’t matter what screen the game is moved to. I’ve reinstalled my Nvidia drivers and searched for various threads looking for similar issues but I’ve come up short. Any help would be appreciated and I’ll happily provide any information you need. I’m not sure if this is a limitation of my video card, or if the issue is stemming from my USB hub, or if something else is at play here.

One thing I noticed under neofetch is my resolution is showing as 5760x1080 - All 3 screens should be operating independently of one another (maybe this is the problem?).


  • Gnome 40.1.0
  • X11

The hardware I’m using is as follows:

  • Hp Pavilion Laptop 16-a0032dx
  • 2 Samsung 27t55 monitors (new)
  • Hyper Drive USB-C Hub // 1 HDMI, 4 USB 3 ports.

If you do the same with just the USB-C hub via HDMI, how does it look like? Does it get black too with just one Monitor attached?

It does not go black if I use only the USB-C hub via hdmi. If I plug in my other monitor, the issue returns. The act of hooking up the second monitor, which ever way, is resulting in the black screen in a game.

I’m sorry guys, I found my issue - Nvidia wasnt set as my primary GPU, I followed the instructions here and the issue has gone away.

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