VG on RAID are not loading with Kernal update

I moved over from CentOS 7.6 to Fedora Server 30 a few months ago. I’m running a i5-9600k on ASRock Z390M with 16 GB of RAM. I have SA59211-8i Port SATA controller card controlling 6 drives in 2 Software RAID array, a RAID-1 and a RAID-5.

The above configuration ran fine on CentOS 7. When I switched to fedora 30 running the 5.0 kernel it also ran fine. When I upgraded the kernel to 5.1 series it would stop seeing the VG on the RAID arrays at boot, which would cause a boot failure. If it commented the failing file systems out in the fstab the system would boot and the VG would come on line.

When I upgraded to the 5.2.14 kernel I exported and re-imported the VG and system would boot fine when I removed the comments from the fstab. The system would recognize the VG at boot. I just upgraded to the 5.2.15 kernel and the system fails to import the VG again on the RAID arrays. If I boot back to the 5.2.14 kernel it sees the VG again.

Do I need to export and import the VG each time I upgrade the kernel?

Same issue with the 5.2.16 kernel. If there isn’t a solution to this I’m going to have to abandon Fedora for something more stable.