Very poor performance in windows games

then it should look like this, right?
because then the game won’t start
DRI_PRIME=1 mangohud %command%

Try just with mangohud %command%, does that work?
I found that if I spelt mangohud wrong then steam just failed to start the game and no error message.

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thanks, apparently i had a typo in the command after all

but now i don’t know what to do with the information


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Well, the GPU is being used !

What game is this and what do you expect to get in the game?

The GPU is overloaded.
What is the game and what resolution is it set to render at?

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Its The Planet Crafter
I play it on 3440x1440 as well as before on my Windows device with the GeForce GTX 1070 and there I had over 60 fps
My question is why the technically more powerful graphics card delivers less than half the performance.

But that’s just one game I chose as an example, there are also some others where I noticed the much worse performance.

The 1070 cannot run a game at do 4k @ 60fps on any OS.

Are those results from games running on Linux as well?

There could be many reasons for this.

  • WINE/Proton/GE, winetricks,
  • AMD Drivers,
  • DXVK or VKD3D
  • Also, are you running other software while playin the game?

Performance has not been that bad from what I have seen, so there’s definitely something going on.

What version of Proton are you using, have you tried Proton-GE ?

i’ll have to see what other linux games i have, most of them are strategy games where fps drops aren’t really noticeable

9.0-2 I have only tried it as a flatpak, will now install it manually as I have steam running as rpm as well

So you have the Steam rpm and the Proton as a flatpak ? That’s interesting. . .

I have always had the Steam rpm with Proton & GE/tkg/winetricks not in a flatpak. So i can’t explain if that could introduce any issues to performance. I always did it for the sake of consistency. I’m not sure why you tried this.

no i also had steam as flatpak before, but i was told above to test rpm.

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What I often have with Steam and Steam games is the following message:

Portal2 stats:

yes now, it doesn’t seem to be working well there either, i’ll try other games now. But I have to install them again

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