*Very* high fan speed on Fedora 30

Hi, I recently upgraded to Fedora 30 from Fedora 29 using dnf system-upgrade. I am noticing a strange fan behaviour. Most of the time the fan stays off but suddenly, without any apparent load on the system, the fan will switch on and start spinning at a very high speed. It would continue to spin for a minute and then shut off again. Any suggestions on how to debug this issue?

This would likely be very dependent upon your hardware, especially a system fan, which if controlled by the OS would depend on valid metric’s from the CPU (like temperature for example). What type of setup are you running?

I experienced something similar with a newer kernel I then switched to the older one and it was back to normal until it was fixed.
Still it would be nice to know your hardware better and what might be different now then before.

This is definitely no placebo. I upgraded from F29 to F30 via dnf system-upgrade a couple of days ago, and I’ve never heard my fan spin up like this on Fedora before.

Buzzing away like swarming bees…haha.

It does settle back down after a minute or two.

The same problem. From time to time GNOME Shell eats 50-70% CPU, not related to number of open apps. Very strange behaviour.