Various probems with F39 on Mac Book

I have the same problem. The external display does not work.

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The OP had a problem with the driver for the GPU not loading properly as shown by the inxi output he posted.
There was no following discussion so I must assume he found the solution and just failed to post an update here.

We cannot assist you without more info and you really should open your own thread with details about the hardware and software that is related so we can address your problem directly (instead of saying ‘me too’ with no details).

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well I haven’t found a solution to this problem. If I want to use external monitor I always have to change setting in BIOS to boot automatically to it, otherwise it is not event detected.
I am not able to change the screen settings and also I am not able to connect to the laptops camera. Would you have any recommendation what to try to fix these issues?

Thank you.


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Thank you, you are absolutely right. Personally, I have a bit of an unusual situation: I had to switch from a MacBook Pro 2019 Intel back to Linux (long story) I have several workstations with Fedora (they work really well) and now I installed Linux on the MBP (I followed the instructions for installing Fedora on the MBP pro T2). As expected, a lot of things don’t work, or don’t work well (unlike standard hardware). Since I don’t have much time for a more detailed solution, I wrote my note with the hope that maybe someone will respond (thanks!).

Just a quick one for now:

  • I have two installations on MBP:
  • Nobara (modified version of Fedora 39): External monitor works without problems.
  • Fedora 39 - external monitor does not report at all after connection.
    I searched the internet and found that more people have a similar problem with the F39.

Because I’m dealing with a number of other things (the LUKS disk can’t be unlocked without an externally added keyboard, after applying the patch, Fedora starts once and doesn’t twice. The screen goes blank, so I don’t see an error message.
The camera only works sometimes, if it turns off, it also disconnects the keyboard, the bluetooth sometimes doesn’t connect, it takes too long. MCE sometimes reports a hardware error at startup… etc., etc…)
So I apologize for my short response, I’m dealing with a bit too much at once and several other things at the same time.
In any case, I will be happy when the solution is found and I will be grateful for the inspiration for how to continue! I’ll be happy to add details and what the logs say later.
Thanks! :+1:

This clearly is far off topic for what was the original thread.

I am renaming this thread for you.
Please also separate the MBP issues to their own thread and one thread per machine please.

Much less confusing to everyone when working on one problem and one machine at a time so the discussions don’t get mixed.

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Added macbook

Thank you very much! I meant it more as an explanation for you than as a new question. I need more time to identify the problems, I’ll be happy to ask questions later.
However, the original problem (not connecting the display) persists, so I will be happy to follow the original thread, or contribute to the topic if I come up with something. Thank you!

Thanks again! I did a clean install of Fedora 39 on my MBP 16" (2019), 2.3GHz i9, 32GB RAM, AMD Pro 550M 8GB, 1TB and the problem with connecting the external display disappeared. Everything is working properly now. I’m glad, but sad , that I can’t help more. Good luck!