Variety for fedora 29

Hi there, well I just installed Fedora 29 on my Dell Laptop and everything was going swell, until I tried and install Variety (I used to have it in Fedora 20) but now it seems you have to download the .rpm package from here:
RPM resource variety
Question is: how do I know which one is the right one?

Did you try sudo dnf install variety ? Works for me on Fedora 30.

Also, if you just installed Fedora why did you go for 29 instead of 30?

Yes, I tried and I actually installed it from a rpm related to Fedora 29, but I never see the little widget, the wallpapers change though… not sure why.
As for why I’m running 29 I was afraid 30 wasn’t compatible with Broadcom yet.

Usually the devicesupport is from the linux kernel and not from fedora.