Vagrant "winrm" not working

Hi there,

I’ve been using Silverblue for more than a year now, totally loving it, but I got into something I can’t figure out what could be wrong:

I installed VirtualBox (from the official site) and, using Vagrant, manage to create an image with Windows (using the IE test images). The problem is that provisioning doesn’t work. Although I’m using WinRM for provisioning, it seems the problem is actually networking, as I enabled SSH in the guest Windows system, but still can’t ssh into the image (inside the image, everything works).

Any ideas on what I could do to diagnose/fix this problem?

Based on this old comment it seems trying to layer VirtualBox from RPM Fusion could be worth a try: VirtualBox on Silverblue - #4 by mzimmermann

(Bonus tip on enabling RPM Fusion: Simplifying updates for RPM Fusion packages (and other packages shipping their own RPM repos) - #29 by siosm)

Well, I tried that replace from nonfree to free and nothing changed.

VirtualBox does work – I can manually launch a Windows image (using the IE testing images) – but connectivity between host and guest is non-existent.

Using WinRM – which is HTTP – doesn’t work, and neither does SSH from host to guest.

Just adding a new update:

I spinned another Vagrant box, this time running Fedora 36 Workstation. SSH to the box works, but exposing Gitea in port 30000 does not work.

So far I’m inclined to believe that’s a firewall issue, but I’m pretty sure “Firewall Config” lists all ports are open…

Just a small update:

On a completely “I have no idea what’s wrong”, I switched from Silverblue to Ubuntu (it’s my work machine, so I kinda this working).

The result is that WinRM still fails. So it is not an issue with Silverblue itself, but VirtualBox.

Sorry about the noise (and I promise I’ll go back to Silverblue soon).

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