Using the Fedora Magazine workflow category

Hi @magazine_editors! As part of the site reorg, most categories got converted to tags. Magazine is different, because that category is part of the editorial workflow. The intention is for the #magazine tag here in :category_project: Project Discussion to be the primary team discussion area, and for the :category_workflows: Team Workflows: Fedora Magazine category to be focused on the workflow itself.

I’ve moved some posts from that category to this one — basically, the topics that aren’t article proposals. I think all of the Magazine Editors should also have the power to do so if you notice some I’ve missed. I left most “introductions” posts, because many of them tend to blend into being an a article proposal.

Anyway, my point here —

  1. The Workflow docs should probably be updated as appropriate. Both on the docs site and About the Fedora Magazine category. (@asamalik are you still around to update that, or should we change ownership of that post?)
  2. I’m not sure about self-introduction posts — new authors could either be directed to introduce themselves in that category or here (with #magazine and #introductions tags) or in :category_fun: The Water Cooler with the #introductions tag. Your call!
  3. The Fedora Magazine category can have its own set of tags. Right now, I see a lot of people using [Article Proposal] in square brackets. Let’s use proper tags instead. Let me know what tags I should create for the purpose! (Note that tags can be shared between tag groups, but if so, they will share descriptions and views and so on, so it’s probably better to give them specific meanings.
  4. I don’t know if this is a good idea, but it is possible to set up a category with a kanban board view — see Kanban Test - Fedora Discussion for a “live example”. (The same category can also be viewed as a list Kanban Test - Fedora Discussion). In that setup, tags — but there’s no way it’s as powerful and flexible as Taiga or Gitlab or even Pagure kanban boards.
  5. I don’t think it’s worth bothering to go back and re-format or older posts to fit what we come up with, but if someone is bored and wants to, that’s always a possible activity. :slight_smile:

I would guess that the tag for Fedora Magazine proposals should be magazine-proposal. But I’m open to other suggestions.

Of course, if all posts in the category are magazine proposals, using tags at all is kind of superfluous. :classic_smiley:

If you want something slightly more granular, I guess I would suggest having them correlate with the “categories” in WordPress – Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress

I guess use the category “slug” prefixed with “magazine-”?

Whatever you all think is best! I could come to an upcoming team meeting to help discuss…

Though classrooms has its own category here. So I’m not sure about that one.

Also, I see that “Test Days” articles are cluttering up the events WP category. I might make a separate category/slug for test-days and move those out of events.

Sure. You are always welcome to jump in on the meetings at any time. No need to wait for one of those though (IMO). :slightly_smiling_face:

Since there are just a couple of editors right now. I’ve been very lax about the format/agenda in the weekly meetings. Feel free to jump in with whatever whenever during the meetings if you have something you want to discuss. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good. I’ll watch the calendar. :classic_smiley:

Also, @magazine_editors, I changed the permissions of :category_workflows: Team Workflows: Kanban Test so you all have Moderator access. Feel free to try that out. I haven’t used it for anything and am not sure how much of a hack it is, but it might be possible to reduce the back-and-forth complexity of the workflow by using that instead of the separate Pagure tracker.

On the other hand, maybe it’s terrible. :classic_smiley: Let me know!

At a glance, it looks like something that could be made to work. I wish this was on the list of options earlier when the announcement that Taiga was going away was made.

One concern I have about trying to use it is that there doesn’t appear to be support for any metadata attributes on the cards. I think that could be worked around with some elaborate rules about how information is posted in the card “comments” and some complex parsing algorithms to retrieve the information we need from the comments (mainly the due date for publication and the assigned editor, but a link to the preview is also nice/convenient). I think we are going to pass on this at least for now. Like I said, if we knew about this before we had done all the work of moving our data from Taiga to Pagure, it might have been given more serious consideration. For now, I consider it a good “fallback plan” should the need arise. Thanks.

Yep, makes sense to me. It seems pretty rudimentary and may qualify more as “cute hack” than actually useful for most purposes. We could possibly engage @t2dbot to help keep things in sync with the pagure tracker… not sure how that’d work exactly though.

Oh, and inspired by this — a thing I forgot to mention. I can set a template for the :category_workflows: Workflows: Magazine category, so new posts automatically start partially pre-filed. Would that be helpful?

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I think that might be helpful. (If nothing else, it would probably clue people in that they are in the wrong area if they are not intending to create a new article proposal.) I would guess a good start for the template would be the example here. It looks like it would just be two fields – summary and description (maybe add outline?). No hurry on anything, but thanks for the helpful pointers/tips!


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