Using Sourcegraph to Search 34,000+ Fedora Repositories

Hi my name is Justin Dorfman and I work for a company called Sourcegraph. We recently partnered with the Fedora project and I would like to propose the following article. Thanks and I look forward to your feedback.

Article Summary:

Teach the Fedora community how to search 34k+ Fedora repositories with Sourcegraph. A quick origin story of the partnership (for context) and tutorials on how to use Sourcegraph to help Fedora users find things easier and faster.

Article Description:

How the article would be laid out:

  • Quick origin story

    • In October 2021, a Fedora user asked a question about licensing.
      • Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller, left a response: “Since we don’t have a complete exploded, searchable repository of all of the packages in Fedora, I don’t have a quick way to check.”
        • And another response: “… or possibly pay Sourcegraph to do it for us. They seem like nice people.”
          • He is correct, we are nice people, but we don’t want your money
          • We just want to help the Fedora community
      • Sourcegraph and Fedora joined forces and indexed 34.5k repos. @vanesaio’s post explains more.
  • Now that 34k+ Fedora repos are indexed, how do we use Sourcegraph?

    • Tutorials
      • Finding
        • OSI appoved licenses
        • Project maintainer email addresses
        • FTP addresses (looks like some still use it)
        • Vulnerabilities
      • CLI (a tool named src)
        • Install
        • Export results to json
        • Docs
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+1 from me! Thanks @jdorfman.

In case you haven’t found it yet, here is a link to some documentation that contains further links to the Fedora Magazine WordPress instance and some other things.

Also, I’ve created card #92 in our issue tracker to track that status of this article. Please use the card to let the editors know when the article is ready for review or to ask us anything else about the technical details of the article or the website.

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Great! Thanks @glb

I did sign into WordPress and I started a draft to test if we could do embed search results with an iframe and it didn’t seem to work. The fallback can be screenshots it just won’t be as effective IMO.

Will do thanks again Gregory

Hi @jdorfman someone pointed out this article in the Fedora Mindshare Committee[0] channel as a good fit for a cross post to the Fedora Community Blog[1]. Would you be interested in submitting it on that platform as well? If you are, there is a short process to follow for submitting to the CommBlog [2] but I think you may be able to request a cross post here on Discussion under the #commops tag

[0] Mindshare :: Fedora Docs
[2] Writing a Community Blog article – Fedora Community Blog

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@riecatnor I would love to cross-post!

#commops LMK what I need to do to make this happen.

@riecatnor any chance we can get a Tweet from @fedora to the article?

I just added a few tags to this thread since this has become a “cross-post” topic. Let me know if that isn’t the right way to handle that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good idea! I found someone had tweeted about it already and RT’ed from the @fedora handle

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Nice! Missed that, thanks for the heads up.

@glb @riecatnor any action items you need from me?

Nothing from me. It looks like @siddharthvipul1 has been handling the CommBlog posts lately. Maybe he can help move things along. I’m guessing the first thing you will need to do will be to duplicate the content of your article on the CommBlog website.

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Typically, we don’t cross-post between Magazine and CommBlog because that’s redundant (and frankly Magazine gets wayyyyyyyyyyyy more views[1] than CommBlog does). In this case, I think there’s room for a related post. The Magazine article gives some good examples, but if you can think of another contributor-focused example or two, we could run that and link to the Magazine article for further reading.

  1. For example, Magazine got ~214k views in March compared to ~5k for CommBlog ↩︎

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@bcotton makes sense. Let me run this by my team and I’ll get back to you. Thanks so much.

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