Using Plank with Fedora 32 Cinnamon

Hello. I am new to fedora, Have been using debian and arch based distros for years. On cinnamon desktop I use plank as an app dock and it has an issue where if you log out while plank is running when you try to logout, reboot, poweroff it displays this message


Clicking logout anyways does nothing for about a minute and then finally logs out. If i kill plank before logging out this issue does not occur. This also does not occur on either my debian or arch installations with plank running cinnamon. Any ideas on what could be causing this and remedies for it?

I heard of this issue. But I don’t know if there is a solution…
Look at this bug report: 1837530 – Impossible to end the session while Plank is running


Interesting! Thank you for pointing me towards these bug reports!