Using account with Fedora namespace


I have an old existing matrix account in domain and I found out that I can’t do some of the things, that need you to be logged in with your Fedora account.
For example I can’t give cookies. Zodbot is just ignoring me.

Right now I usually log in on IRC directly, if I want to give cookie to anyone. Which is strange, because zodbot recognizes me with my account if I authorize with him.

Is there a way to use account but authenticate it with Fedora account system? Or merging the account from with account?

Zodbot doesn’t know anything about Matrix, AFIAK. You need to connect your Matrix account with your IRC account. See kparal’s blog for info. I use my account and am able to do all of the normal zodbot things.

This is already done, I can do most of the commands with zodbot, what doesn’t work is giving cookies.

For example:

  • .fasinfo zlopez works
  • zlopez++ doesn’t

I looked at the NickServ bot and I’m not sure if this is an issue, but my IRC nick is different than my Fedora account name. But the IRC nick is listed as alias in FAS.