Using Dell's Goodix fingerprint driver for Ubuntu on Fedora 35

My Dell Inspiron laptop comes with a Goodix fingerprint sensor identified as ID 27c6:538c. It seems that this sensor doesn’t work out of the box, but Dell have a special repo with the drivers for Ubuntu.
I’m currently using Ubuntu 21.10, but would like to switch to Fedora.
I found this site that explains how to install the Ubuntu driver but for a different Dell laptop and makes use of an Arch AUR package.
The driver itself is found in this site: Index of /updates/dists/focal-somerville-melisa
How can I install the driver for the fingerprint sensor from the Dell repo?

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Is there the possibility to manually install the binary driver from the Dell repos :question:

Installing anything is possible. How it is designed to be installed matters.

It is possible (or even probable) that a binary driver for ubuntu will fail to work on fedora.