Using bpython, hint box is not completely shown when the cursor is at the bottom

Sorry if this questions sounds a bit bizarre, the reason why I’m asking is due to the use of bpython that is showing useful completion hints and documentation with a box under the line of the cursor. That is not completely shown in the situation I’m describing, anyway I’m writing my question as general as possible, without reference to bpython, from now on.

Ok, so, when I start a new gnome terminal with Ctrl+Shift+T the cursor line is up on top. After I write many lines it tends to go to the bottom. Is there a way to move the cursor line up to the top and re-creating the black space below? Something like a clear but without clearing?

Or - if you want the direct question about bpython (and maybe it is the only way to ask the question) - is there a simple way to that in bpython? I see that I can type a lot of enter and then Ctrl-R and it works, but it is a bit clumsy. If you are using bpython, have you notice this issue? For example when the cursor is at the bottom and it doesn’t show the full doc of int.to_bytes(: see my pic

Finally, this question is more related to bpython than to Fedora, so I understand that this has little to do with Fedora. Feel free to close or delete it. No worries.