Using additional M.2 and HDD sata on Fedora 34

I have installed Fedora 34 on one of my 1 tbit M.2 slot and not sure how to use my second 1 tbit M.2 slot as quick memory for the file system. I would like only have the OS on the CPU M.2 express. I also have two 4 tbit HDD connected by SATA to the mobo, and I want to use as additional storage.

My problem is that the file system on my home screen only shows “computer”, is the one M.2 slot that has the OS on it along with all the other programs and files at this time. Is there a way to Parted the second M.2 as my file system and the two 4 tbit HDD’s to pull my music and movies from?

ASUS Maximus XI Hero
Fedora 34 with Gnome 40
i9, 9900k
64 gig Ram
two 1 terabit M.2
two 4 terabit HDDs

Please check out gnome-disks, from there, you can create partitions and mount them.

I am looking at the manual for that board, and it seems there are certain specs for the type of M.2 and how it interacts with the sata ports. I have not dug really deep into it but if you have an M.2 sata card it claims to disable one or more of the sata ports.
I have an asrock board (B550M Pro 4) and if I use the second M.2 slot that board disables 2 of the sata ports.

I suggest you read in detail the manual, including the part about the bios and how it configures the M.2 slots. M.2 comes in 3 flavors – M.2 express, M.2 pcie, and M.2 sata. The manual talks about each, and config is done within the bios.

Thanks for the assistance. I was able to use gnome-disk to format and mount all drives. It did drop one after the mount but I will look it that and see what caused the drop.

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I will be researching the second M.2 slot. I’m wanting the two M.2 slots to maintain all my start up programs while my larger hdd hold files.