Usermod command

A user tried adding themselves to the power group. At the command line they typed:

sudo usermod -a -G power (users name)

They get a return to $ with no message. Then they type:

$ groups

“power” is not in the list. This user is in the “wheel” group. Any help in adding the user to the power group will be appreciated.

you need to logout/login



maybe I missed it but I can’t find a group named “Power” in my F36.

Places I checked:

less /etc/group
less /etc/passwd

If you are the admin you should be able to check this yourself and also ask yourself why the “user(s)” want to be in the group “Power”.

As another user said, you need to logout and login to be in the newly added group. To see if the command you ran have succeeded without logging out, check if the output of below command contains that user’s name (power is the name of the group you are trying to get into):

grep power /etc/group

The logout and login took care of it. Thank you. “power” is a group I added because the thermald-monitor software uses it.

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