User cant login to Wayland, user permissions again

This is a different machine and I dont know what to do.

I installed Fedora Kinoite, here is what I did:

  • install rpmfusion free nonfree
  • added polkit rules for luks mounting and decrypting
  • added a polkit rule for wheel to change the sddm theme Tool and Command
  • used the grub fixing commands against double grub entries (solved it, and now grub also shows up)
  • tried to enable a grub theme
  • installed some flatpaks and overlay rpms

Thats it. After the first reboot I already saw that the user was not able to update the ostree database, which is weird.

Then after rebooting I couldnt log into KDE wayland again.

I had exactly that problem on another machine! Just now I did very little changes to anything.

I tried removing the “allow wheel to change sddm theme” rule, and added the user again to wheel, ssdm ans flatpak group, logged out and in, didnt work.

Any help? Did anyone else have this problem?