Use Fusion theme in Dolphin in GNOME


I really like Dolphin and Konsole and I’m using them in my GNOME session. But Dolphin looks awful and isn’t readable on my big screen (everything else has larger font size).

I’ve tried using KDE Settings and qt5ct to set the theme to Fusion. But Dolphin doesn’t respond.

This includes setting QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct, which I did in a terminal. Running qt5ct in that environment properly sets the theme and font size, but running Dolphin doesn’t. (I don’t know how to set this in my login environment).

I haven’t tried relogging or reading the manual. I’m not sure which manual to read tho.


Have you tried the steps in this guide for trying to get Dolphin to look somewhat as-intended when running in GNOME? Some include the qt5ct step you mentioned, but there might be other config file / environment variables needed?

(Prefaced with that cautious language as it’s honestly just tough to get things looking “good” when mixed across desktop environments/toolkits like that)

I’m not sure what the polite way of saying ‘didn’t work’ is, so I’ll just say that.

Somehow it’s messed with my system-wide fonts too, so it’s all super unreadable. Edit: the best way I can describe it is that it looks like a dyslexic font. Should I open a new topic for help or wait for tomorrow, do you think?

Thanks anyways.

I ran # dnf remove @kde-desktop-environment and used gnome-tweaks to change the system font size to about 16. Also, my other issue was caused by creating a fonts.conf using qt5ct.

Issue resolved.

KDE in f40 uses qt6 mostly, not qt5. Is there a qt6ct maybe?

Actually, yes there is. I’ll keep that in mind for if I want to reinstall KDE Plasma.