Use Docker Compose with Podman to Manage Containers on Fedora

Podman has been my friend on Fedora for quite a while now. Here’s a suggestion for an article I’d like to write on using Docker Compose with Podman backend for managing containers on Fedora 34 considering the latest improvements added to Podman like supporting Docker Compose with rootless Podman.

Please let me know what you think of this and I can start working on the article.


I think there are lots of people still trying to figure out how the whole Podman and containers system is supposed to work. It sounds good to me.


If another editor gives your article a +1 then it will be approved and you can begin writing your article on the website.

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+1 @powergame I’ve created Taiga card #331 for your article.
Please move the card to “In Progress” when you start and “Review” when you feel it is ready for the editors to take a look at it.
Thanks for writing for the Fedora Magazine.

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Thank you @glb , @rlengland. I’ll start working on the article soon.

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I’m looking forward to read that, great idea!