USB to HDMI adapter

I am trying desperatly to find a USB-A 3.0 to Hdmi adapter that will work with Fedora KDE 38.
I am trying to set up a 3rd monitor and am already using the HDMI and VGA ports on my pc.

To the best of my knowledge, only USB type C connections support video. And not all USB type C connections support it. Usually they are marked with a DisplayPort logo.

Excerpted from Wikipedia – DisplayPort:

[DisplayPort] is the first display interface to rely on packetized data transmission, a form of digital communication found in technologies such as Ethernet, USB, and PCI Express. It permits the use of internal and external display connections. Unlike legacy standards that transmit a clock signal with each output, its protocol is based on small data packets known as micro packets, which can embed the clock signal in the data stream, allowing higher resolution using fewer pins.

If the hardware doesn’t allow the video protocol, there is nothing the software can do.

Edit: Though it looks like there are USB type A video cards (not “adapters”). I don’t know if any of them work with Linux though (the below example says it only works with Windows).