USB keyboard not working after waking from sleep

I am new to Linux so I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

So, I installed Fedora as my first Linux distro and I am very happy so far.
However, I spent the last three days reading posts on the internet regarding my problem.
When I was on Windows, I never shut down my PC, I always put it in a sleep state. But now, when I switched to Linux, I can no longer do that because my keyboard does not work after I wake up PC from sleep.

I can’t log in because I can’t enter my password. The keyboard has power, lights are on, I can change profiles by pressing the profile button, RGB reacts to keypresses, etc. My mouse is working also, the screen is working, and I can click around.

Is there a solution to this? I tried to put all sorts of commands in grub (per suggestion on the internet) but no luck. Also, I tried to change USB ports, change settings in BIOS, etc. The usual troubleshooting. My keyboard is Corsair K70 Max if it matters.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

ckb-next did you install this driver/package?

No, I didn’t. Should I install it? Will that fix the problem?

You have to check. Mostly (missing/wrong) drivers are the reasons why something not works as it should.

Have you checked if there is a firmware update for the keyboard? It can also be that it not supports the power save function from the newest kernel.

The firmware in the keyboard is updated, just checked using the official app on Windows.
“ckb-next” doesn’t support K70 Max and doesn’t provide firmware updates but just options to customize RGB etc.

Do you have an AMD processor?
Nothing detected on USB ports after resuming from suspend

Someone asked for support already.

Yes, I have an AMD CPU and GPU.
The proposed solution doesn’t work. It worked only once, the first time I setup as the user suggested, and the bug returned after that.

I tried with my old keyboard (hyperx) and still the same issue.

I am reading posts on the internet and it seems that the bug is widespread, it doesn’t matter which keyboard you have (someone has the same issue on a laptop), or distro, it is a bug in Linux itself.

I hope it will be fixed because it is so annoying when you have to unplug and plug in keyboard each time you want to use PC :angry:

Yes exactly. The usb is not recognized after a suspend/sleep if you have amd CPU. You might have to check with an older Kernel?

So sad, I went with AMD only because it is more appreciated in the Linux community and Linux itself supports it well… or not so well apparently :frowning:

I will wait for someone to suggest some other solutions. Thank you L.S. for your effort.

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