USB keyboard is not working at login screen

I can use USB keyboard in grub. However, the keyboard is not usable at KDE login screen. It will work if I unplug and connect it again. This is really annoying. I didn’t have this problem before so I guess it’s some software issue. I don’t know enough to debug so any help would be appreciated.

   Hi @kittipat, is the keyboard a USB-3?  In the neighbour topic one have a similar things: the port-3.0 started to recognize a USB-3 device, but plugoff-plugin procedure is needed.

not, its a usb otg 3.0 and type c: type c port works perfectly, but usb 3.0 for any usb not worlking

I’m not sure if the keyboard is USB3 or not. I have Kinesis Advantage. I can’t find the USB version on the website. It has USB hub built-in. I believe my PC only has USB3.0 ports.