Usb Audio recording not working f38

I hooked up a Behringer 6 channel usb mixer QX602MP3 and got audio out pretty much immediately. It shows up in gnome settings as a usb codec which i select for input and output.

Encouraged i hooked up a microphone and have spent many hours now trying to record audio. With the recorder, audacity, ardour and tenacity.
I get voice back out over the speaker, so the mixer works, but no input signal with any combination of settings that i tried.

Now i would love to submit more information, but i am at a loss, don’t understand how all the pulse/alsa/jack/wire things fit together. I have seen similar posts that refer to pulse config (in home) which i don’t even have. So i guess a sidenote is that docs on audio could be better. Nothing up to date (2020/2017…) beyond “it should just work”.
But since it doesn’t i would really appreciate some hints (links, tutorials, command output that is relevant…


System is fully updated fedora 38