Usability testing for getfedora?

I’ve just been approached by a connection who is teaching a graduate course in usability and human factors. He’s looking for a project for his class to do in the spring (January–May) semester and would love to work with Fedora.

Here’s what he said

Since we’re looking at revamping the websites, this seems like perfect timing. He’s trying to get things settled by the end of this month so he can get ready for the start of the semester. Are y’all interested in this? Who should be the point of contact?


We’ll include this as one of the agenda items in the coming weekly Websites and Apps Objective Team meeting, and see if folks are interested in it.

CC @misc, @darknao, @lilyx, @thunderbirdtr

In the hindsight, it can be one of the things that we can discuss about in the Objective Leads meeting. What do you say @riecatnor, @jflory7, @ramyaparimi?


Hi Ben,

I unfortunately don’t think the timing for this is ideal for getfedora org… I’ve already started researching and redesigning the website for the past few weeks now - I’ve been conducting stakeholder interviews and began wireframing. We’ve been planning big changes for some time now (restructuring downloads to integrate spins / labs / more into the main site for examole), so testing the existing website wouldn’t really be actionable since it’s a moving target.

Is there a different website we could offer instead as the study subjectp? Perhaps Fedora Magazine which is pretty high-traffic but not being actively researched and redesigned?



This seems awesome! Happy to be a part of the various steps where input is needed from Fedora.

@t0xic0der, +1 to discuss at the Objective meeting as well

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