URGENT: Need help with install Terraform inside of a Toolbox for Ethereum Geth Testnet Dev Work

Hello, really hoping that someone can help me with this! I have been trying for hours to figure out Buildah and Podman. Basically I just need to run an ethereum testnet for some development testing with the geth Görli Testnet. However, I’m not sure if it is best for me to use Buildah/Podman based containers or KVM and a full VM. Any help would be much appreciated as I will need to run this test node for several months as part of some encryption dev work I’m part of. I really like Silverblue so far and hoping to be able to figure out a workable dev environment on it. Thing is I need to get this up and running today and only have about a few hours left before the deadline to submit these Geth Testnet tasks as part of a community project. There are Terraform scripts for setting up Ethereum Geth Gorli Testnet but I have not been able to figure out how to install Terraform inside of a Toolbox yet.

Hi. Unfortunately you don’t have any specific questions that you’ve asked. Without asking specific questions you’re requiring someone to know about Görli Testnet and understand what all is needed. If you have something specific like “I’m trying to run this one command but I’m getting this error” then you might have better luck.

Hello @nrydevops, welcome to the community. As @dustymabe has mentioned, it is difficult to assist without greater specifics of your issue. For my two cents worth, Terraform scripts, should work the same in a toolbox container as they do in a standard Fedora Workstation system. Therefore you should be able to download the scripts and set up the toolbox container as easily and in the same way as doing it in a standard F31 WS setup.