URGENT HELP NEEDED! everything broke after an update


i just installed the 500mb worth of updates Discover told me about, i then rebooted and since all kinds of hell broke lose.

for example: my firefox got factory reset, addons, settings, EVERYTHING got reset. same with Thunderbird
no programs in the Favorites tab in the start menu launcher is there anymore, all cleared. programs like Nixnote2 will now not launch at all, same with peazip. when i start the terminal it now says bash-5.1$

nothing about my username or pc name.

when i start the computer i get a fedora list before it boots the OS, I’ve tried those different entries, no luck.

what actually happened? everything was fine before.

You’ll probably get faster user-troubleshooting help on https://ask.fedoraproject.org/

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ok i will ask. i have fixed nixnote and peazip but KRun or whatever it’s called (alt+space) doesn’t work.