Upgraded from F30 to F31, now Android TV Box cannot connect to SMB shares

I was happily running my Android TV boxes (they used Kodi aka “TV Centre”) to map to a few SMB shares on my Fedora 30 PC. Last night I upgraded to Fedora 31. As of then I cannot get an SMB connection to Fedora (although from Windows I got it to work).

I running in permissive SELINUX mode, and port 445 is open on the firewall. I’ve set
client min protocol = NT1
which allowed the ES File Explorer on my phone to work again, but Kodi does not see the shares at all. If I browse it doesn’t even detect the SAMBA server.

I’m guessing there is something going on with the new version of SAMBA. Any ideas how I can get this to work and redeem myself in the eyes of my family?!


Fedora 31 uses Samba 4.11, which drops SMB1 support for being insecure (Samba 4.11.0 - Release Notes). I think, but I’m not quite sure, that this is the reason why VLC on my Android TV stopped finding my Samba shares after upgrading to VLC v3.2 (Vlc 3.2.2 local network problem - The VideoLAN Forums). Perhaps your Android TV box is running a old version of Kodi that uses SMB1. I replaced VLC for Kodi v18.5 Leia on my TV and everything worked fine again.

Are you running Windows 10?


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Thanks for that. I did three things:

  1. Changed the smb.conf file according to the discussion here: Can't access NAS from Rpi2 - Raspberry Pi - OSMC Forums
    I don’t know if all of it was needed, and I haven’t bothered to debug it further as it’s on my home network.
  2. I upgraded Kodi (the version 17.3 that it came with did not work at all). This I believe was the SMB version support that you mentioned. You mentioned 18.5 Leia - I’m on 19.something alpha. I see the SMB v2 and v3 support in it now.
  3. I couldn’t browse for the share like I used to, but instead had to “add a new network location” and there put in the IP address and user credentials. From there, I could use the newly created location to browse the shares on the Samba Server.

Thank you for your feedback.

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