Upgraded Fedora shirts

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We upgraded the Fedora shirt and sweatshirt collection we announced in March 2020.

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What’s new?

  • Embroidery is made with the new Fedora logo, but the old logo is still available as Fedora Classic.
  • A Fedora hoodie, and crewneck sweatshirt and a long-sleeve t-shirt. The last two are seasonal, only for February.
  • Faster shipping to the US, Canada and the UK. (The garments we embroider ourselves, and we ship from Hungary, Europe.)

OK, but is it made with Linux?

A lot of questions come about as to how exactly do we make the embroidery. Do we use Windows for that? There is a short explanation on our website, but let’s give some more details.

You might have read here at Fedora Magazine that there is a good, fully free (as in freedom) solution to making embroidery designs with Inkscape and Inkstitch. This is the future for us too, and sooner or later we will make all of our embroidery with them. But - mainly because Inkstitch is quite new, and we have been embroidering Linux shirts for a decade - we are still using a manufacturer-independent, but “non-free” program, called Embird. We run it with Wine under Debian. This one is the only proprietary piece of software used here. And it must go, soon…

Our other software are quite standard for Linux: Inkscape, GIMP, ImageMagick, and of course all of the everyday tools you are using as well, on your Fedora desktop and on your server, of course.

You can check out the embroidered Fedora collection here. Don’t forget to use the FEDORA5 coupon code, for the $5 discount on every shirt and sweatshirt.

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